Himalayan Salt Slabs zone unit nature’s cook top and serving platter in one, giving a few masterful cookery utilizes while conveying the focal points and kind of all-normal, immaculate mineral salt. Or, on the other hand, chill it to be utilized as a part of serving the dish, hors d’oeuvres, frosty meats and cheeses, late leafy foods, and even cool sweets.


Himalayan Salt Slabs area unit nature’s cook top and serving platter in one, giving several artistic cookeries uses whereas delivering the advantages and flavor of all-natural, pure mineral salt. Heat your range of mountains pink salt block, plate, or brick to high temperatures and sear thinly sliced meats, fish, vegetables, seafood, eggs and alternative quick-cooking foods. Or, chill it to be used in serving dish, appetizers, cold meats and cheeses, recent fruit and vegetables, and even cold desserts.

Himalayan pink salt slabs area unit rigorously harvested from salt deposits buried deep at intervals the traditional range of mountains Mountains. There, they need to be remained shielded from pollution and impurities for hundreds of years, creating this what several contemplate the purest, cleanest salt within the world. The salt is mined as giant boulders and later carved into slabs, blocks, bricks, plates and bowls.

Because the range of mountains salt blocks area unit a natural product, the brink for top temperatures and pressure could vary, as can the physical characteristics and inclusions that offer your salt block a one-of-a-kind look. you will find that range of mountains salt slabs, plates, associate degree bricks play an intriguing presentation of each hot and cold foods for dinners reception and vacation parties.

Himalayan Salt Slabs, Platters & cookery Stones: These giant salt slabs area unit the right size for sharing large items of meat or whole fish. attempt cookery thinly slices flank steaks, salmon fillets, shrimp and additional to impart a delicious savory flavor to your dishes—no ought to use any extra salt. The larger sizes additionally work well for victimization chilled to show fruit & cheese…


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