Natural Himalayan Salt Soap Deodorant (pink)

Natural Himalayan Salt Soap Deodorant (pink)

himalayan salt as deodorantYou merely wet it and gently rub or pat underneath your arms.


Natural Himalayan Salt Soap Deodorant (pink)


Benefits of mistreatment mountain range salt as deodourant

. These salt bars don’t seem to be processed and are available straight from the mines. they’re merely cut, carved, formed and ironed.
. Himalayan Salt area unit antimicrobial and naturally kill bacterium, together with bacterium that causes odor
. Himalayan Salt doesn’t clog your skin pores
. Himalayan Salt helps maintain the hydrogen ion concentration balance of your skin
. Invisible which suggests no residue on your skin or garments

How to Use a mountain range salt deodourant bar

himalayan salt as deodorantYou merely wet it and gently rub or pat underneath your arms. you’ll be able to conjointly apply it dry to already damp underarms, like forthwith once showering before you dry off. Some salt bars area unit rougher in texture than others, so patting it’ll work fine.  

If too course or rough, it could cause tiny scratches in skin. Also if your skin is sensitive after shaving, you may want to wait a while before applying as it can burn for a bit on freshly shaved skin.

These himalayan salt stones or bars when combined with moisture leave an invisible film on your body that helps kill odor causing bacteria through out the day.

Many use a Himalayan salt deodorant bar for their feet as well. This is a simple and healthy solution to foot odor and can help with the treatment of athletes foot for obvious reasons.

After use of the Himalayan Salt stone simply dry it off and keep it in a dry place. Storage in a shower is not suggested though it can be used in the shower. Always store it in a less humid environment to prevent crystallization.

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