Himalayan Salt Bricks Rectangular                                        12*4*4

Himalayan Salt Bricks can and should be a more fundamental bit of our home elaborate structure and setup. Have you ever thought how overwhelming it would be to update your living space with all trademark, strong and standard home complex subject things? The complete pack is perfect for inside maker for you, super easy to use and deals with absolutely any style. The complete sets can be stacked both on top or by each other. On an exceptionally essential level imagine your own specific completed flexible salt divider for thousands not as much as the custom.

The Himalayan Salt Wall Kit and Bricks can be sorted out a most stunning use of light and feel. Abuse the massive measure of negative particles continued utilizing the salt divider unit that will cover from 400-600 sqft genuinely with cautious negative particles. 

The structure comes complete, no weights, no fights just and sort out the salt squares as you wish, plot them, stay specific your choice. We offer extra squares at shocking costs so make your pack as clearing as you overview toward. This is the clearest way to deal with oversee administer direct shape and make your salt divider. Get readied for a focal long time and years of satisfaction.


Himalayan Spa Bricks

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